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The error (to my knowledge) is that in the playback setup menu, Sibelius is trying to output in midi, when it should output Sibelius Sounds, but it doesn’t give me any other options besides General Midi 1, and General midi 2.


It is a recurring problem. I re downloaded it last night and it worked fine, but this morning it started again. Any help would be appreciated!

Also Windows 7.

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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 & Sibelius !! in Technical; Hello all!
we have Windows 7 on all our computers here and in the music department we are running Sibelius …

  1. 13th October 2011, 12:42 PM #1

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    Hello all!

    we have Windows 7 on all our computers here and in the music department we are running Sibelius 6.2, but (not always!) get a series of messages and then no sound. Email from music teacher says:

    The following error messages seem to keep coming up at the moment and seem to be the main cause of sound not working on Sibelius:

    No audio devices
    Audio engine bad settings
    Error 40206 – No driver installed on system.

    What can I do??? Any help greatly received, the music teachers are going mad!


  2. 13th October 2011, 01:15 PM #2

    Think I was getting similar error message when installed Sibelius 5 on first run and think downloading patch helped.

    Maybe not related, one thing I noted today was that the seetings are stored in users Application Data so if setting changed to suit one hardware may have problems on another. Could Try renaming the Sibelius folder in the Application Data if user related problem.


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This problem usually occurs when another audio application is trying to use the MIDI input or output device  (you can tell which by whether the error says MMSYSTEM IN or OUT). Please make sure that you are only using Sibelius while working on a project.

Here is how to fix this issue.

1. Open Sibelius then open any score.

2. Go to Play tab.

3. Under Mixer, click the small box. (Playback Devices)

User-added image

4. Click Audio Engine Options… on the lower-left corner of the window.

User-added image

5. Change the interface by clicking the drop-down box and choose Primary Sounds Driver (DS).

User-added image

6. Close everything and restart Sibelius. 

Note: If you are using ASIO4ALL as your interface then we recommend you download Sibelius Sounds from your Avid account to prevent getting this error message.

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Итак, как мы уже сказали выше, если в нотном редакторе Сибелиус нет звука, скорее всего, в настройках системы редактора просто выбрано не то устройство воспроизведения. Решить эту проблему можно настроив программу. Об этом — далее.

Необходимо открыть раздел «Настройки». В нём нужно кликнуть по пункту «Воспроизведение» и в открывшемся окне нужно выбрать пункт «После запуска загружать General midi (basic)». Теперь потребуется открыть панель «Играть» — здесь выбираем пункт «Живое воспроизведение»

В разделе «Играть» теперь нужно найти пункт «Настройки» и выбрать пункт «Настройка звукового процессора» — здесь нужно выбрать наушники/динамики, которые вы используете для воспроизведения звука на компьютере обычно. Всё — осталось сохранить результаты и закрыть окно настроек. Скорее всего вопрос, почему в Сибелиусе нет звука, будет успешно решён.

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